Vol 2, No 1

March 2013

Table of Contents

Finite Element Approach of Shielded, Suspended and Inverted Microstrip Lines PDF
Sarhan Musa, Matthew N.O. Sadiku 1-10
Hybrid Facial Geometry Algorithm for facial feature Extraction and Expression Recognition using ANFIS and BPNN PDF
Sunanda P. Khandait, R. C. Thool, Prabhakar D. Khandait 11-22
Cascade modelling for predicting solubility index of roller dried goat whole milk powder PDF
Sumit Goyal, Gyanendra Kumar Goyal 23-28
Reliability Assessment of Power Generation System With Wind Farm PDF
WANG Xin-wei, ZHANG Jian-hua, JIANG Cheng, YU Lei, SHANG Jingfu 35-44
Power Quality Improvement Using Unified Power Quality Conditioner Based On Particle Swarm Optimization PDF
Ragavan Saravanan, P.S. Manoharan 29-34
Theoretical Analysis on Interferometric Noise in Bidirectional WDM-PON Transmission PDF
Joni Welman Simatupang 45-52
When will Consciousness emerge? PDF
Imants Vilks 53-58
An Effective Multi-Population Based Hybrid Genetic Algorithm for Job Shop Scheduling Problem PDF
Somayeh Kalantari, Mohamad SanieeAbadeh 59-64
Prediction of Lead-Acid Battery Performance Parameter: An Neural Network Approach PDF
E. Jensimiriam, P. Seenichamy, S. Ambalavanan 65-74
Stability in Time-Delay Systems: Quiet Standing Case Study PDF
Fitri Yakub, Akira Kojima, Yasuchika Mori 75-82

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