Vol 4, No 1

March 2015

Table of Contents

Evaluating the Radiation and Temperature Effect on Photovoltaic Systems PDF
Sobhan Dorahaki 1-6
Machine model based Speed Estimation Schemes for Speed Encoderless Induction Motor Drives: A Survey PDF
Mohan Krishna.S, Febin Daya.J.L 7-17
Numerical Investigation of Heat Transfer Enhancement in a Circular Tube with Rectangular Opened Rings PDF
Arkan Altaie, Moayed R. Hasan, Farhan Lafta Rashid 18-25
Control of Indirect Matrix Converter by Using Improved SVM Method PDF
Lavanya Nannapaneni, M Venu Gopala Rao 26-31
H-GA-PSO Method for Tuning of a PID Controller for a Buck-Boost Converter Modeled with a New Method of Signal Flow Graph Technique PDF
Leila Mohammadian, Ebrahim Babaei, Mohammad Bagher Bannae Sharifian 32-42
A Novel Inter Connection of DFIG with Grid in Separate Excitation SMES System with Fuzzy Logic Control PDF
A. Kavitha, A. V. Suresh 43-52
Comparative Study of PWM Control and PI Control of Induction Motor PDF
Rohitash Singh, Saurabh Kr. Bajpai, Harinder Singh Sandhu 53-58
Piezoelectric Nanowire toward Harvesting Energy from In-Vivo Environment PDF
Ali Ghareaghaji 59-66
A Bio-Crypto Protocol for Password Protection Using ECC PDF
Srinivasan Nagaraj, G.V.S.P. Raju, G Apparao, B. Kishore 67-72
Practical IBC using Hybrid-Mode Problems: Factoring and Discrete Logarithm PDF
Chandrashekhar Meshram 73-82

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