Vol 5, No 1

March 2016

Table of Contents

Effective Cable Sizing model for Building Electrical Services PDF
M. Pratap Nair, K. Nithiyananthan 1-7
Transient Stability Enhancement Using Phasor Model of Superconducting Magnetic Energy Storage PDF
Mohamed Bey, Mohamed Moudjahed 8-16
Reconfiguration of Distribution Networks with Presence of DGs to improving the Reliability PDF
Amir Sabbagh Alvani, Seyed Mehdi Mahaei 17-24
New Model Reference Adaptive System Speed Observer for Field-Oriented Control Induction Motor Drives Using Neural Networks PDF
Hossein Rahimi Khoei, Mahdi Zolfaghari 25-36
Control of Power and Voltage of Solar Grid Connected PDF
Boucetta Abd Allah, Labed Djamel 37-44
Application of PEM Fuel Cell for Stand-alone Based on a Fuzzy PID Control PDF
SM Rakhtala, E Shafiee Roudbari 45-61
Basis Weight Gain Tuning Using Different Types of Conventional Controllers PDF
Chandani Sharma, Anamika Jain 62-71
Design of Filter Using MOS Current Mode Logic PDF
J Princy Joice, M Anitha, I Rexlin Sheeba 72-78
Organic Semiconductor and Transistor Electrical Characteristic Based on Carbon Nanotubes PDF
Kianoosh Safari, Ali Rafiee, Hamidreza Dalili Oskouei 79-87
Organic Thin Film Transistor with Carbon Nanotube Electrodes PDF
Kianoosh Safari, Ali Rafiee, Hamidreza Dalili Oskouei 88-91
Bright Lesion Detection in Color Fundus Images Based on Texture Features PDF
Ratna Bhargavi V, Ranjan K. Senapati 92-100
Regime Analysis of Critical Raindrop Diameters for Rainfall Attenuation in Southern Africa PDF
O Adetan, OO Obiyemi 101-108
Comparative Analysis of DITC Based Switched Reluctance Motor Using Asymmetric Converter and Four-Level Converter PDF
P. Srinivas, K. Amulya 109-119
Substrate Current Evaluation for Lightly and Heavily Doped MOSFETs at 45 nm process Using Physical Models PDF
Sanjay Sharma, R. P. Yadav, Vijay Janyani 120-125
Leakage Immune 9T-SRAM Cell in Sub-threshold Region PDF
Priya Gupta, Anu Gupta, Abhijit Asati 126-132

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