Vol 5, No 2

June 2016

Table of Contents

A Novel Grid Connected Photovoltaic System PDF
Ali Rahnamaei, Mahdi Salimi 133-143
Mitigation of Lightning Hazards at the More Sensitive Points in Wind Farms Using Ant-Colony Optimization Technique PDF
MA Abd-Allah, A Said, Mahmoud N Ali 144-159
Reliability Evaluation of Wind Turbine Systems’ Components PDF
Seyed Mohsen Miryousefi Aval, Amir Ahadi 160-168
A Survey of Fault-Injection Methodologies for Soft Error Rate Modeling in Systems-on-Chips PDF
Yeong Seob Jeong, Seong Mo Lee, Seung Eun Lee 169-177
Design of a Low-cost and Compact Radiometer for Spectral Acquisition of Vegetation and Bare Soil PDF
Mokhtaria Nawel Zemaili, Noureddine Benabadji, Abdelatif Hassini 178-186
Electromagnetic Modeling of Active Circuit using Wave Concept Iterative Process PDF
Amri Houda, Zaabat Mourad 187-193
Unrestricted Charging Controllar Design Magnitude PDF
Amit Sachan, Ashish Ranjan 194-204
Zinc Oxide Thin Film Transistors: Advances, Challenges and Future Trends PDF
Kavindra Kandpal, Navneet Gupta 205-212
Selection of Gate Dielectrics for ZnO Based Thin-Film Transistors PDF
Vaibhav Garg, Navneet Gupta 213-218
Development of Emulation Network Analyzer Tool for Computer Network Planning PDF
Mohd Nazri Ismail, Abdullah Mohd Zin 219-229
New Hybrid Non-Dominated Sorting Differential Evolutionary Algorithm PDF
Mohammad Bakhshipour, Farhad Namdari, Nooshin Bahador 230-241
Beaconless Packet Forwarding Approach for Vehicular Urban Environment PDF
Kashif Naseer Qureshi, Abdullah Hanan Abdullah, Fasee Ullah 253-262

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